Celebrity Calls

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Celebrity Calls

Don Ruvan Gamage of Giradurukotte
A fun loving young man with a taste for satire
Jumps on his cycle and he rides to town
He hangs on a cafe pc donated by the crown
He loads his songs he made
With his phone made in China
He flaunts his talents on YouTube
And shows off his rigorous stamina
He checks up on his likes and hits
To see that he is an instant star
He keeps his chin up and roams
The rustic roads like a village star

Far on the other side of the country
Darkness is swamping a beleaguered lady
Donna Kamalawathie from the suburb of Kotte
Gonna be in the asylum for her life’s remainder
She laments the glory she yearned in her youth
She ferments her story over as it is nothing but the truth
At radio Ceylon for years she toiled hard
That day though never came to see herself as the star

Tomorrow by the way is the day for Don Ruwan
With fan furores to see him on the national television
Posters not only on crumbled but also on household walls
Bolstering the image of the star, awaiting celebrity calls

Needless to say Donna did everything right, like pleasing those bosses whenever it was needed
The sleepless nights of studying and rehearsing weren’t just meant to be gone unheeded
Frenetic cries of fellow inmates are what reverberate her days and nights today
Ascetic owls and geckoes adulate and listen to her sad songs sung her own way

Weep not dear Donna Kamalawathie, keep your spirit up I beg
Deep in the souls of every living being, creeps a similar cry I allege
Heave your windy sighs no more, as you’ve got to leave this moment to its best
Believe that you are a star, as that is what stardom is all about, isn’t it?

Nishanathe Dahanayake

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