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(My friend, Ruvanthi Sivapragasam, whose journey amongst us that ended a few days ago.)

Could ‘Ruvanthi’ be another word for ‘care’,
May I ask as a citizen of this earth?
As I never knew another person
Who cared that much for others,
For the ones who really needed care
From the ill-treated to the marginalised
From the impoverished to the underprivileged
From the disabled to the abused
Someone, who simply dedicates life to that care,
And to live only with the gratification
That naturally comes with it.

Could ‘Ruvanthi’ be another word for ‘care’,
May I, also, ask like a lost child?
And that be my mother, sister, best friend,
And everything else that is caring,
At the same time?

It is for that care alone,
That I share my thoughts here
That I learnt from her,
As the only thing,
One can only truly be happy,
Of oneself.

Nishanathe Dahanayake

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