That odour, which has a blend of strong smell of cinnamon from Sri Lanka, started haunting me again. It however is surely not cinnamon, perhaps a combination of eucalyptus, perhaps both have a similar smell. That strong odour someway connects my thoughts to George for some reason.

George apparently died a few years back and I did not get a chance to see him. The last time I spoke to him over the phone, I said I am coming to Central Coast and wanted to visit him he said, George said, no not now. I asked why, for he answered that he is not well and got a skin cancer. I was not much knowledgeable of the seriousness of skin cancer in general, and asked what sort of skin cancer was it. He said it is Melanoma. I wanted to know how serious it was. He said as serious it could be. I said I still want to come but did not know it was such a serious condition, until I started trying to call him from Sydney whilst reading a bit more on the condition. By the time I realized it was such as a serious condition, and I tried to contact him so hard, it was of no use. There was no body to answer, and George surely was dead.

.. to be continued..



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