Vasala & Metta sutta to commemorate Kurds sufferings

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A gathering to show solidarity with Kurdish brothers and sisters on what they are going through. It is so unfortunate that when certain individuals claiming to be leaders and groups claiming to be representing communities say they are doing good for the community and the world, with some even claiming to know God and God’s wish.

From the Vasala Sutta:

The Buddha while on his round of begging for alms, came to the residence of a brahmin, someone who claims to know God. Seeing the Buddha some way off, he said this: “Stay there, you outcast.” When he spoke thus the Buddha said to the him: “Do you know, who an outcast is and what the conditions are that make an outcast?”, “No” said the Brahman, “please do explain”.

“Whosoever is angry, harbors hatred,
and is reluctant to speak well of others (discredits the good of others),
perverted in views, deceitful — know him as an outcast.

“Whosoever in this world kills living beings,
once born or twice born, in whom there is no sympathy for living beings
— know him as an outcast.

“Whosoever destroys
And besieges villages and hamlets
And becomes notorious as an oppressor — know him as an outcast.

“Not by birth is one an outcast;
not by birth is one is a brahman, or a man who knows god.
By deed only one becomes an outcast, by deed only one becomes a brahman.”

From the Metta Sutta:

“Just as a mother would guard her only child
At the risk of her own life
Let him cultivate boundless mind of loving kindness towards all beings.

Let thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world
Above, below and across
Without any obstruction”

(A Solemn Reflection to Commemorate the Victims of the Recent Crimes Against Humanity Suffered by the Kurdish Community – Reciting parts of Vasala and Mettha Sutta, parts of audio dubbed later)

Nishanathe Dahanayake

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